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Bulon Global accompanies your challenges by offering comprehensive solutions that increase commercial agility, reduce costs and simplify the general operation of foreign trade.

We facilitate the operations of Exporters and Importers by integrating various services and solutions:

Our battery of solutions is versatile, being able to implement: just one, some or the entire set of solutions in an integrated way.

With our Active Listening program we put our teams to work to try to design the most effective and convenient solutions for your specific needs, with the aim of building a customized solution that adapts to the characteristics of your business.

Your foreign trade operations will gain agility and speed, helping to maximize results and generating a positive effect on the productivity of your business.


Producer sells in the domestic market + VAT (invoice A) to Bulon Global Argentina, which will be the exporter to the Importing Client.

The Producer collects the net value + VAT invoiced in the domestic market, and may also choose to take the rest of Bulon Global’s services and solutions.

Dispatch costs / Customs dispatcher / Export duties ** They are assumed by Bulon Global

The Producer may also opt only for the improvement scheme in its position before internal taxes and this variable can be implemented in different formats. We can analyze each particular case to find the most friendly solutions to each problem.

* Only for Argentine exporters
** In products taxed by export duties (withholdings)


Bulon Global ensures the collection according to the Importing Client’s credit rating.

From the moment we decide to intervene in your foreign trade operations, we take charge of the payment against the potential non-payment of your Importing Clients, with a simple procedure, without an annualized policy, without fixed costs or added costs.

The cost is totally variable assigned to each operation carried out and depending on the credit quality that we assign to each Importing Client.

Integrated Logistics

Bulon Global manages, contracts and finances the appropriate logistics services for each need.
Being able to convert an export operation from FCA (Free Carrier) to DAP (Delivered At Place).


  • Ground transportation
  • Marine transport
  • Air Transport


Bulon Global finances all expenses until the merchandise is left at the agreed point in the destination country, taking care of all the necessary procedures and financing:
Customs expenses destination country.
Taxes and duties in the destination country.

Being able to convert an export operation from FCA (Free Carrier) to DDP
(Delivered Duty Paid).


Bulon Global may advance the payment to the Exporting Producer when the merchandise was received, reviewed according to the quantity and quality by the Importing Client.
In other words, the Importing Client may be financed by buying up to Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) without having to pay in advance the multimodal freight, insurance, customs taxes or expenses.

Bulon Global finances until the moment of effective payment by the Importing Client.

The Exporting Producer can receive the collection in advance by Bulon Global as of the Importing Client having confirmed the receipt of the merchandise

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Credit Analysis

A credit analysis of the Importing Client is carried out to conclude on an amount available to carry out forward operations. Said amount is also the insured sum of collection for operations with that Importing Client, the data collected are: estimated amount of sale; required payment term; complete data of the Importer.



Starting from the price of the FCA (Free Carrier) merchandise granted by the Exporting Producer, we can prepare a budget up to the DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) price that the Importing Client would pay.
The budget will detail the costs of: ground freight; sea ​​freight; expenses; destination market taxes; collection insurance; financial cost, etc.



Having accepted the submitted budget, we will proceed to issue Proforma Invoices (proforma invoices). The Exporting Producer will issue a proforma to Bulon Global with incoterm from FCA and Bulon Global will issue a proforma to the Importing Client with incoterm up to DDP.



The shipment of merchandise is done in a traditional way from the Exporting Producer to the Importing Client.
The Exporting Producer issues Commercial Invoice (commercial invoice) with incoterm from FCA to Bulon Global and Bulon Global issues Commercial Invoice with incoterm up to DDP to the Importing Client.



When Bulon Global receives the corresponding payment from the Importing Client, Bulon Global makes the payment to the Exporting Producer, unless the latter has previously opted for the Financing / Collection Advance solution.